Why Scan?


  • Every photo scan is automatically enhanced by the Pro Photo commercial scanner. For an additional for an charge, Pro Photo Scanning can also revitalize your photographs through enhancing colors, cropping pictures, re-orientation, scanning the front and back, etc.
  • Photographs take massive amount of space storing them in boxes.  Once your media is digitized and electronically saved on a DVD or USB Stick, you can throw out your originals.
  • Older Photographs are deteriorated by plastics, non-acid papers, mold/mildew, water, fire, finger prints, dirty hands, curling and tearing etc.  Once the media is scanned, your images are digitally preserved.
  • Few people view the photograph's that they have spent thousands of dollars developing over the years. Once digitized, you can view all your precious memories on your Smart TV, digital photo frame or computer.
  • The average scanner will take you about 1.5 to 2 minutes to scan a picture—a long time when you have thousands of pictures! Pro Photo commercial scanner enhances your images as they quickly scan.
  • If you have labeled your boxes, we will label your digital photo's by the same name in a file folder, if you request.  Limit 20 files.  (There is an extra charge for more file names).
  • Pass on genealogical information through digitized documents. We can scan birth certificates, death certificates etc. along with your other digital media.  Call: 517-540-1107 or email: bevonthelake for pricing.
  • Viewing those family photo's during your party brings people closer together and gets conversations started.
  • Great gift idea!  Buy an additional USB stick or DVD for a family or friend.  An unusual but a very inexpensive, personal gift.
  • Once your media is digitized, it's easy to sort, organize, label and print your images.  Email your specific image(s) to order photo books, calendars and mugs.
  • Share those old photographs and genealogy information with the family as well as the community historical society.
  • Quickly and easily pick your family funeral photographs digitally remembering your loved one.