1.  Pro Photo Scanning did a great job getting my photos, over 1000 to start, into an easily viewed digital format.  Not only were they timely, they also eliminated duplicates, which saved me storage space and money.  I look forward to my next batch being scanned and minimizing photo boxes around the house. :) per Kim Esper, Membership Director of the Howell Chamber of Commerce (voted #1 Michigan Chamber in 2016)

2. I decided to clean my basement and discovered I had about 7 bins full of photographs, new and old, that I had saved for YEARS. I needed space in my closet as well as very tired of moving and storing the, I contacted Pro Photo Scanning.  I happily handed over all the bins and had every photo, new and old, scanned.  In addition, I had them enhance every picture.  What a difference that made!   Some of my photographs that yellowed were much clearer!   I couldn't be happier with the end result---sharper pictures all on one USB stick.  A great investment.  per Terry,  owner of 2 businesses.

3.  I spent many hours, scanning some of my favorite photographs.  It was very labourious and boring!  So, I decided to have a professional scan the thousands of photographs that were left.  After extensive research, I chose Pro Photo Scanning for their prompt service, reasonable prices and quality work.  Next, I selected to have ALL of my photographs enhanced, oriented etc.  A SMART choice because the end result was clear, crisp photographs.  Now I can enjoy all my pictures all day, every day!  Where as before I digitized, I NEVER view my photographs. Life couldn't be better--many thanks Pro Photo Scanning!  I will recommend Pro Photo Scanning to anyone, anytime!  Sincerely, My Proud Nickname  "The Smurfette"