Our most frequently asked questions and tips. Questions?
Call us: 517-540-1107 or
Email: bevonthelake@gmail.com
  • Scanning: We scan photograph's in a JPEG file.
  • Resolution: Photograph's-300 dpi (average resolution).  600 dpi, and 1200 dpi scanning is available for an extra charge.  We do not guarantee image quality of reproduction or quality control due to our volume of scanning.
  • Size: Photograph's 3" x 3" to 8.5" x 11" can be scanned.  We can scan documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, call 517-540-1107 or email bevonthelake@gmail.com for pricing.
  • Removing Photograph's: use a PLASTIC dulled edged utensil not metal, if they will not pull off the paper easily. We will NOT remove any photograph that is stuck to a page.
  • Remove glue, tape, backing foam tape etc. from any of your photographs.
  • Curled, Bent, Torn Photograph's: We will not scan any bent, torn or curled photograph, slide, etc.
  • Cropping, Enhancing, Scanning Front and Back of the Picture, Orientating. Extra USB Sticks and DVD's:  Choose the DELUXE option for the picture to be cropped, enhanced etc.  The front and back scanning is an extra charge.
  • Order of Photograph Scanning: We generally scan bundles together.  We try but cannot guarantee the pictures will be in the same order they were receive in.
  • Original Photographs: All your originals are returned. You will get a USB stick and/or DVD with your digitized images.
  • Copyright Materials: We do not scan ANY copyrighted or pornographic media. You must acknowledge and adhere to our copyright and liability policy at checkout.
  • Ordering: Use your Mac or PC for internet ordering. We accept all major credit cards and money orders.  If you pay by check, you must wait 2-3 weeks for your check to clear the bank then your order will be shipped. You may also call 517-540-1107 or email bevonthelake@gmail.com to place an order.
  • Gift Certificates:  They are available for any amount up to 1 year.
  • Shipping:  We recommend that you ship your media in a double walled box not a bag.  However, you can put your media in individual bags in the double walled box to keep from moving around during shipping. For example: old photographs in bag 1, new photographs in bag 2, etc.  Then, fill the empty spaces in the box with non-static filler so none of your media will shift or get bent. We are not responsible if we receive your media damaged.
  • Processing:  It takes 2-3 weeks on average to process an order.  This entirely depends on how large and complicated your order will be.
  • Receiving Your Order: Each box we receive from a customer is consider a separate order. One address to ship per order.
  • Shipping:  You are responsible to ship, track and insure your package(s). Once we have completed your order, we will invoice you regarding paying the shipping, tracking and insuring your return order. Once we have received your final payment, Pro Photo Scanning will ship your order promptly.
  • Moving: If you have moved to a different address recently and would like Pro Photo Scanning to ship to a different address than you originally stated on your order, you must inform us before we ship. Otherwise, after we shipped, you are responsible to pay the additional shipping charges to receive your order.