Extra Services

Contact Pro Photo Scanning for these services that are available for an extra charge: 

Call 517-540-1107 or email bev@prophotoscanning.com

  • Bulk Scanning:  Available for orders over 4,000 photographs etc.  Please call for special pricing.
  • Scanning documents 3 x 3 to 8.5 x 14.  Ex: Birth certificates, Death certificates, Birth announcements. etc. 20 cents extra per side.
  • Removal and replacement of photographs from albums, 10 cents extra per picture.
  • Plastic or other medium that can't be scanned automatically, 20 cents extra per picture.
  • Scanning front and back of your photograph 3 x 3 up to 8.5 x 11, 10 cents extra per picture.
  • Orientating (rotating) and enhancing color, 10 cents extra per picture.  A photograph is automatically enhanced when it is scanned the first time.  But often times, a photograph needs to be enhanced several times.  Note:  Best value is to choose the deluxe package which includes orientating and enhancing as many times as deemed necessary.
  • Cropping a pictures:  10 cents per picture extra
  • Red eye removal:  10 cents per picture extra, you must specify which pictures need red eye removal!
  • 600 dpi or 1200 dpi, .20 cents extra per picture.  Usually customers request this only if they want to print their picture in the future.
  • Extra DVD's (2,000 photo's) or USB Sticks (up to 128 mb):  12.00 each
  • Slides-Carousel or Tray:  If you slides are in a tray or carousel there is an extra charge: 50 slides-$20 extra, 250 slides $40 extra, 500 slides $60 extra
  • Gift Certificates are available for any denomination for 1 year.