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Pro Photo Scanning continually strives to produce the highest quality digitized images of your precious memories to enjoy and share for lifetimes to come. We accomplish this by using high resolution equipment and personal service, all at competitive pricing.  You will be so delighted with the results that you will tell all your friends about us too!  We are here to answer any questions you have. Give us a call today: (517) 540-1107 or email: bevonthelake@gmail.com.

Grandma's Boy :)

Grandma's Boy :-)


Our family decided to downsize as a step forward not backward.  While de-cluttering, we found over 10 boxes of photos, VHS tapes and medical documents etc.   The boxes were taking precious space and we had had to constantly move them around to get to other belongings.  Once we opened the boxes, much to our dismay, we found that many of our photos had yellowed, stuck to each other and to the photo album itself.  This also meant that the photos and documents got shuffled and disorganized.  We had spent thousands of dollars through the years on these photographs and tapes, now they were being destroyed and neglected.  It seemed a waste of our investment of money, time and memories!  Time for taking this serious problem and finding a positive permanent solution.

We took those photographs that had deteriorated over the years and brought them back to life by taking advantage of the latest technology -- digitizing our memories.  Spending the time and effort to learn to do our own digitizing correctly.

We were very happy with the results -- faded colors became vibrant, our pictures became alive once again! Now all our digitzed images can be viewed many ways with ease:  our computer, digital photo frame and Smart TV.  In addition, the images are fun and easy to organize.  We often share them with family and friends through email, Facebook and in videos.

The boxes are now gone and we have more closet space  We enjoy our permanent achived images all day, every day in their new and refreshed form!

Now, we provide the same tender loving care and professional quality to your memories, preserving one photo or film at a time, for lifetimes to come!